Frequently Asked Questions

Can i request songs?

Jess & Steve acoustic duo are here to make your event magical and memorable. If there is a song or two you'd love us to play that is not on the list, whether it be a classic, pop, metal, rock, theatre or even a disney song, we would love to learn it for you. Please note one month's notice is needed for requests.

Do i need to select the songs for my event?

No you don't. You are however, more than welcome to select songs that you definitely do and do not want to hear. You may also email us if you'd like to see our set list.

Do you play both instruments the whole time?

Yes we do! However if you'd like us to strip the sound back, we are more than happy to just have guitar and vocals. If you'd like more of an intimate vocal and guitar sound for your ceremony but want to bring out the keyboard during canapes, we are more than happy to do that!

Can you provide sound equipment?

If the venue does not have a PA system, we are able to provide the equipment that is needed for your event. We will get in contact with the venue so you don't have to worry about a thing!

What if i don't have access to power?

We are able to hire battery powered speakers, however this has a time constraint of 2-4 hours.

Can you perform without using your PA system?

No. If we perform totally unplugged, then nobody will hear us and the guitar will drown out the vocals. Even if it is a small event, unless you are right next to us, you will not be able to hear much. We are able to adjust the volume depending on the type of event.

Will you travel for my event?

Of course! Jess & Steve acoustic duo are Sydney-based, however we are more than happy to travel for your event. Please do note that accommodation, transfers or travel will incur an additional fee on-top of our packages for any event that is a considerable distance from Sydney CBD (Particularly if the event has a late finish). For more information, please contact us!

What do we need to provide you before the event?

Leading up to your event, we require a run sheet that also tells us exactly when we need to play. We also request that if the event is 3 hours or more, that the duo is provided with food and non-alcoholic drinks as it may be difficult to take a long break.

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